Jul 04

image Die mannen van McDonalds toch. Lees ik daarnet in de Financial Times dat ze in de UK voortaan al het ge/verbruikte vet zullen ophalen en recycleren tot biodiesel. Bedoeling is de volledige vloot van trucks in de UK voortaan te laten rijden op die biodiesel. Dit zou niet alleen aanzienlijk besparen op het milieu maar zou vooral bijzonder goed zijn voor hun imago.

Een trechte vraag in het artikel is natuurlijk of die bewuste vrachtwagens die het vet zullen ophalen, ook op het vet zelf zullen rijden.

Een andere motivatie kan natuurlijk diezelfde zijn als de popcorn in de Kinepolis: de zoete geur van popcorn is er niet omdat er popcorn gemaakt wordt an sich maar wel omdat ze alle moeite van de wereld doen om die doorheen het gebouw diezelfde, of misschien zelf een extra geaccentueerde, lucht te verspreiden zodat ze zelf aan popcorn zullen denken.en bijgevolg ook er een paar emmers van consumeren.

Stel je voor, die ongeloofelijke geur van frieten en hamburgers op de weg. Straks starten ze nog een keten langs de E40.

McDonald’s to power delivery lorries with recycled chip oil

By Jenny Wiggins in London

The oils that sizzle McDonald’s chips and chicken nuggets will soon also stoke its lorries, as the fast food chain starts converting its cooking oil into biodiesel. McDonald’s plans to run its 155 UK delivery lorries on biodiesel made entirely from cooking oil collected from its restaurants by the end of the year. The fast-food group, which to date has been running trucks on 95 per cent diesel and 5 per cent biodiesel, will initially use a blend of 85 per cent biodiesel and 15 per cent rapeseed oil.

The move is further evidence of the importance the group is attaching to overhauling its environmental image. A year ago, after a sustained campaign by Greenpeace, McDonald’s agreed to stop using soya from newly deforested land in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. This year, it started selling coffee certified by the Rainforest Alliance in its UK restaurants, a move that it says boosted sales by 10 per cent.

The group had previously been lambasted on issues including its treatment of animals and its use of environmentally harmful refrigerants. Matthew Howe, manager of McDonald’s UK supply chain, said the cost of using biodiesel was expected to be the same as the restaurant group’s diesel costs in the long term. “In the short term, we think it will cost a little bit more,” he said, adding this extra cost could amount to “a couple of pennies a litre”. The company expects to convert an annual 6m litres of oil, comparable to the 6.1m litres of diesel used in its lorries last year.

It will collect oil from 900 of its 1,200 UK outlets each week, take it to a separation tank in East Anglia, where food particleswill be removed, and then on toa biodiesel conversion plant in Milton Keynes. McDonald’s could not say whether the vehicles involved in moving the oil around would be fuelled by biodiesel themselves, but it said the net effect of the scheme would be a 78 per cent reduction in its emissions. Francesca DeBiase, McDonald’s chief supply chain officer, said the group’s European operation was an “early warning system” for the US. “It leads the way in the sustainability discussion for McDonald’s.”

Published: July 2 2007 03:00 | Last updated: July 2 2007 03:00
Bron: Financial Times 2/7/2007

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